Divorce Coping Tip for 10th August 2015

We often receive emails asking how long it takes to get a divorce in the UK.

That’s a bit like asking how long is a proverbial piece of divorce-flavoured string.

At the other end of the scale, you may be interested to know that you have to have been married for a year in order to petition for a divorce.

As for bringing things to a close however, if and only if, your separation is straightforward and neither of you are contesting anything, if you have prepared all of your financial declaration papers and your respective banks, pension, investment and mortgage companies are swift in their confirmation of your financial status, it could conclude in as little as 16 weeks, but this is exceptionally fast.

This also runs with the assumption that neither party has pushed to appear in court to finalise things. It’s worth noting that most divorces in the UK take around a year from start to finish.

The more compliant you both are, the quicker it’ll be over and done with, but don’t be tempted to swap expedition for being short changed.

A more equitable split may be worth the fight and the wait.

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