Divorce Coping Tip for 30th April 2015

Find a new recipe for something easy to eat that comforts you and also something you could make a batch of and freeze or store easily.

How about a delicious mixed vegetable curry, a red lentil dahl, cream of chicken soup, cheese on toast with chorizo, or an organic egg boosted rice pudding or custard, just like your nanny used to make.

I’m not suggesting you eat your way out of the angst, but your appetite is likely to fluctuate during the particularly stressful bits and if you have something warm and tasty a few clicks away from doing its job, it might help take the sting out of some of the proceedings.

Also, batch cooking is an efficient way of keeping yourself fed in many respects, saving you time and money, both are very handy in abundance.

Now where did you put that vegetable peeler?

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