Divorce Coping Tip for 31st March 2015

If you’re feeling the need to get that ex completely and utterly off your skin, put together a kitchen cupboard exfoliant and head towards the bathroom.

Using deliciously edible and completely natural foodstuffs, concoct a gentle scrub to rub all over your body to remove the dead skin cells and sad recent memories.

Choose from honey, coconut, porridge oats, grated chocolate, granola, banana, cream, yoghurt, sugar, salt, mixed spice, avocado, or whatever else is likely to make you feel amazing.

Mix together in a large bowl and taking small handfuls, rub it all over your body gently to remove the top layer of dead cells.

The process is fabulously messy and you’ll probably end up giggling your way through it which is no bad thing, then following a thorough shower, feeling altogether better.

Oh and don’t forget to keep the numbers of a few local plumbers handy, just in case.

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