Divorce Coping Tip for 24th March 2015

If you’ve a day ahead filled with horrid paperwork that needs wading through and reading, or worse still, filling in, reach for a few things to make the process gentler.

Ensure you have adequate supplies of tea, coffee or whatever you favourite hot beverage is. I can highly recommend chamomile and the many other blends of calming teas available. Go for organic if you can.

Also, make sure you have a sweet or savory supply of naughty nibbles to sustain you. The radio might be another key ingredient, not too distracting and just enough to keep you company as you wade through the pages.

And finally, if you have any lavender essential oil, be sure to put a good few drops on your wrists, just behind your knees or behind your ears. It’s incredibly calming stuff and straight from the garden of Mother Nature herself.

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