Divorce Coping Tip for 11th January 2015

It’s winter time and if you ask me, a bizarre time to have a football season.

A great many games and training sessions are cancelled because of flooded pitches, icy gales and snow. However, if you have children who love the game and you are in need of some distraction therapy, consider taking them to their training sessions and games and staying to watch from the sideline.

It’s easy to drop them off and head off to do a few chores, but the benefit of staying to watch your young one trumps any job you could squeeze into those precious minutes.

Not just for you, but for your child too. They will undoubtedly be feeling the emotional pinch from your ensuing divorce and a little bit of time devoted entirely to them as you watch the team run around chasing the round white thing, is time well invested.

The cold will probably stop you from thinking about anything other than getting home again and warming up together over a hot chocolate.

The full time whistle will blow on your chaos before you know it.

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