Divorce Coping Tip for 23rd December 2014

If you’ve been a wedding ring wearer, it is safe to say that on the day you decide to remove it, you may be somewhat shaken and stirred.

A wedding ring embodies what marriage is about; solidity, strength, commitment…well of course, that’s in a good case scenario.  If you’ve been trapped in a marriage where things weren’t so happy, it can signify entrapment in an endless circle of repetitive nightmares.

Regardless of how you view the ring itself, it can be quite a chore getting used to touching the empty space on the third finger of your left hand and touch it you will.

The urge to twiddle that naked space is almost impossible to fight and it serves as an immediate reminder of what’s going on. There are no rules saying you need to keep that finger ring-free, if it’s too much to bear, consider getting something else to wear that symbolises your step towards a more positive future, or leave the space empty and buy a different item of jewellery and divert your twiddling twitches elsewhere.

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