Divorce Coping Tip for 21st December 2014

I imagine your tender constitution is also being bombarded with relentless reminders of the fact that Christmas is around a not too distant corner.

There are greetings cards, rolls of wrapping paper and spangly bunting in all of the major supermarkets, even the local independent shopkeepers have swivelling displays of paper greetings waiting to be bought and scrawled on.

If you are immersed at any point in your divorce right now, consider yourself in quite a unique and favourable position. The Christmas card list is in your control! You can legitimately scratch off anyone that has racked you off, you can halve your postage bill by slicing off anyone from your ex’s side of the fence and you can probably take a year off from sending any, simply because.

Interestingly enough, anyone who is insistently fond of you will send you one and not grumble if you don’t send one back. Perhaps you might like to rewrite your friends list too.

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