Divorce Coping Tip for 21st November 2014

When you’re ‘up to your oxters’ (as Northern Irish people say) in divorce proceedings it can feel as though you have too much to do just keeping the normal routine going. It may seem strange to suggest it, but try taking on something new.

Importantly, make it something just for you. One of our team has recently taken to the boards in a play, whilst another has taken up singing.

There is something wonderful about taking part in a shared piece of magic. It can be an art class, a reading group, even joining a darts team, anything that is new and with a different group of people.

Your local library and notice boards are likely to have notices with details, or simply ask around in your newsagents or when buying groceries. Open your mind to something fresh, and the mass of tough things you still have on your list will seem just a little easier to manage.

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