Divorce Coping Tip for 19th November 2014

When you are in the midst of the divorce maelstrom it is easy to focus on how awful you feel and what a terrible time you are having. If you have young children, then try to remember to view life from their perspective from time to time.

They have never been married and hopefully they have never experienced anything like the hurt you have. Their experience of the world does not equip them to comprehend your pain.

It’s a safe bet that they just want peace, an end to the angst. Do whatever is in your power to deliver that for them as often as you can. Spend time doing the things they want, being the very best parent you can be. The most precious gift you can ever give your children is your time and full attention.

All too soon they will be grown up and gone and their childhood will be over. Make the most of even the smallest slices of time you get with them.

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