UK: Exclusive Extra: ‘Poetry of Divorce: for Women’ Featured in Tesco Magazine

‘When the clouds of depression blew over me, I knew I needed something more than a paracetamol to cure it so I went to see my doctor and they were amazing. They got me on the right track with counselling, anti-anxiety tablets for the really awful bits and anti-depressants.’

Tracey explains more about the coping mechanism she discovered in a pen and paper, ‘I started writing all the stuff that was rolling around in my head initially, then those pieces morphed into ditties that told lots of different divorce stories from women I had spoken to. The creative process was painfully enjoyable and very powerful.’

The publication is produced by Cedar Communications and is available free in most Tesco stores and available to read online.

Click here to download the magazine and you’ll find the article on page 41.

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