Global: ‘Poetry of Divorce: for Women’ Does Eco-Signings

The book has been published with helping hands from her husband Simon and Tracey admits it’s a strange concept talking divorce a dozen times a day in a new marriage, but the collaboration seems to be working incredibly well.

He is also divorced ​and has a perfect empathetic spirit and has been very interested to read stories from men who have had a tumultuous time getting there.

Simon explained, ‘I completely understand Tracey’s passion to tell the tales of men who have suffered at the hands of violent, bullying, self-obsessed, ​vitriolic or venomous women. On the subject of domestic violence against men,​ for example, it’s an enormous problem in the UK alone​ and hardly ever spoken about. That said,​ ​’​POD: for Men’​ is going to be as humorous and cheeky as its predecessor and the editorial team are hopeful more men will step forward with contributions of their stories, with a view to them being turned into verse ​by Tracey.​

With books being stocked in the US and throughout Europe and with Tracey being a sustainable living writer and soul at heart​, it is hoped that a bit of simple technology will provide a solution for ​her to be able to appear ​at book signings anywhere ​in the world, without leaving her home county of Dorset in the South West of England.

She proposes a traditional book signing at a table in a shop and to ​offer a private audience with each customer that wants to speak to her and request a personal message inscribed in their book. A computer and webcam, speakers and a tablet that turns Tracey’s handwritten dedications into files that can be printed in the shop instantly, should allow her to ​have personal conversations with her readers around the globe, leaving an almost zero carbon footprint.

‘It is a bit alternative, but if you generate a buzz somewhere, it’s great to follow it up with some face to face time with your audience’, she explains.

If you would like to organise an eco-signing with Tracey for ‘Poetry of Divorce: for Women’, please drop us a line.

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