Canada: Alberta Ranks Among Highest Provinces for Divorce

As shown in the accompanying infographic, which is based on the latest Statistics Canada numbers available, Alberta is consistently among the provinces with the highest vice rates.

Alberta has the highest rate of divorce in the entire country.

According to Statistics Canada, in 2011 there were 327,024 people in Alberta who were legally separated or divorced.

In 2012 that number jumped to 336,198 people. That means in one year 9,174 people became legally separated or divorced in Alberta, which if you crunch the numbers is a growth rate of 2.73 per cent.

Lurline Ketler-Raposo, a registered clinical counselor and sociologist in Calgary says this could be for a number of different reasons.

She says that women are continuing to get better jobs that pay well, so they are less reliant on men for income.

“It’s easier to leave if you have the financial means to,” says Ketler-Raposo.

But when asked specifically why Alberta’s rates were so high, she could only speak from her own professional experience with couples and divorce.

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