UK: Cafcas Improving Tools to Help Children Communicate

Emma Rodgers, a former Newly Qualified Social Worker at Cafcass, has come across the same issue and said it’s important to address because the stickers are so useful in practice.

“They’re such a great tool,” she said. “My experience is that children love any stickers – they immediately want to play with them. I’ve had children use them as part of pictures they draw and sibling groups sometimes come in and stick them to each other as a way to show how they think the others are feeling. It would be great if we could get a wider variety of stickers to represent the spectrum of genders and races of the children we talk to.”

In response to this, Cafcass is expanding the range of stickers available to practitioners. Each emotion will be depicted by both genders and a variety of races. The stickers will be available in 2013.

Please click here to peruse the wealth of information available on the website for Cafcas.

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Cafcass was set up on 1st

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