Blackpool is the Divorce Capital of the UK

Seaside resorts are often near the top of the divorce league – but no-one is really sure why.

Divorce expert Suzy Miller suggests people “might have moved to Blackpool to have a new start when their relationship is in trouble, when what they should have been doing is communicating better”.

But some residents say it is more likely to be depressed economic conditions placing a strain on relationships. The resort was recently named by the Office for National Statistics as the least happy place in the UK.

Daniel Birchmore, manager of Fylde Coast Lettings in Blackpool, says he is “not surprised” by the divorce statistics.

“We have definitely this year had an increase in men splitting up with their partners and leaving the family home, whether it be for temporary accommodation or one-and two-bedroom flats,” he says.

He blames “economic pressures” in a town which is heavily dependent on the flagging tourism industry.

“The whole town is much slower than it was five years ago,” he says. “These are not great times across the board”.

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